You need to get these 3 things right in life – Family, Money and Relationship

You need to get these 3 things right in life – Family, Money and Relationship

I was talking about this with my friend Rahul few days back that why it is so important to get 3 things right in life and those who get them right at very young age lives a much better life.

So almost every problem that we have comes from 3 things

1. Money – Mostly lack of money, we spent 60 hours a week trying to earn money to live better life and most of us spend the whole life chasing it.

Those who are able to solve this problem of having enough money by the age of 30 tends to get much more time do more in life than everyone else.

2. Family – (Parents, Siblings, Spouse, kids).

We are worried about their health, their finances, well-being, how they are not doing as well as they should be in life etc.

Those whose family is doing well, parents are in control of their lives as well as siblings in all aspects of life, they tends to worry less and do better in life as they can focus better and can get their priories right.

3. Relationships – (friends, colleagues, social circle, girlfriends/boyfriends etc)

We are worried about social status, how am I doing socially, having problems with office colleagues and friends, having problems in relationships etc.

Those who get their relationships right, seems to attract right kind of things, looks to be in better control of life and people around them, tends to worry less and increase overall positivity around them.

So to summarize, you really want to solve these 3 aspects of your life as fast/soon as possible, preferably by the age of 30 or 35 at max because if you do, life becomes much easier.

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  • Rana Deep

    very much correct said about life…..appreciate your post on this topic.

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