Why IRCTC website is always down


So after spending 45 minutes, I am still getting this time out and service unavailable error, the new site is just “old wine in new bottle”, nothing works, even for static information, the site throws database errors!

41 thoughts on “Why IRCTC website is always down

  1. Raghu

    I also tried number of time. This site is use less when you really need it. Worst way of maintaining a website.

    The way it is managed, we can still feel the stunky smell of Indian Govt way of work.

  2. Padma

    everyday in the morning before, now we can see every often it will be down.
    By the time you search for the available ticket it will through an error or session expire.

    I hardly got chance to book a ticket any time. Especially in the mornings as you said. It will be always down from 8 to 8:30 AM.


    IRCTC is down today as well this IRCTC SUCKS and the way it is MAINTAINED SUCKS BIG TIME SUCH A F\\\\\NG WEBSITE

  4. SR

    Guys, this is nothing to do with any management. This looks more of a scam to make sure that tickets get booked by the agents(remember they have a different log in) rather than the public.

  5. SP

    yes true…even i got to know that they can open the website 2 minz before 8am in the morning so that they can book the tickets well before us and make us fools waiting for the website to come up after 8 am…by the time the page opens…u will see only WL 70 for your train.

  6. VS

    It started working now. But this site is getting misused by agents. I saw an irctc online ticket with more than 10 people in a single booking. I asked the person and he said agent helped me to book it and that too in single booking.

    For last month mine is always waiting listed to >100 due to vacation time.

  7. feeling sick of it

    Well the fucking website is down again.. another bitchy work by govt to uphold the dignity to give its backend work to itself..no secondary site made ..no load balancing done.. just screwing normal people lives..

  8. Hai

    Shit !!!! if it persist, most will hate booking train ticket !!!! what the hell, the maintenance team is doing so long !!!!

  9. Vinod varghese

    IRCTC site displays “:Unable to retrieve the train list|”: for the last few days…..
    Another scam probably to help the agents book the tickets and make money.
    I am also ANNA but helpless in this case!!!

  10. Rajiv Abs

    I’m trying booking tatkal tickets through irctc website from last three weeks but exact 8AM the server goes down and within 30 min it will up again when all tatkal tickets booked . Is this a fake website or this site for agents only?

  11. Vino Goog

    I am tired of Indian railways and IRCTC.. we don’t have any other go,, I pity myself and for my brothers

  12. Braj87

    this site was made for touts ..not for general public..the¬†governance¬†of this country is itself in hands of touts ..how it is possible that such a small service will be free…to all corrupt railway offices…you all are M o th er fu c ke r s.

  13. rohan sharma

    nothing works in india , i think overall machinery of india has either failed or ready to fail in a few years

  14. Sarjakdh

    what a sucking kind of website and its maintaince is there specially in TATKAL Time, what a kind of maintaince do they are doing……

  15. IRCTC Admin

    Their site sucks such a big time. There’s no purpose keeping this site alive. Better shut the site. Mother fucker*s morons are running this site. There is 0.001% chance that you can get a single tatkal ticket while booking online.

  16. xxxx

    irctc is the worst site in the world.This site is controlled by some brokers and govt is helping them by not taking any action against irctc.

  17. palak

    indian railways is the world largest railways… and irctc gets 50000 to 90000 hits in 1 minute… dis no of hits even the microsoft server nor the intel ibm server cannot handle this much of server traffic thanks to god if it still working…

  18. V2002

    This kind of shit I’ve never seen and face in my life during online transaction. I’ve tried it thrice and lost my 2500 Rs for once.This Piece of crap need to be Shut Down >:(

  19. Indian

    Hello Mr Palak,

    Indian Railways is the World Largest Employer and not the largest railways.And the United states railways is the largest and their sites works fine. Don’t tell me that IRCTC gets more hits than facebook or google you ignorant twit.

  20. ndnn

    it is a disaster… how can indian railways department put up such a bad website… i wonder these same engineers would have designed GOOGLE…

  21. Gnanesh

    IRCTC is a site made by m o t h e r f u c k e r s… on top of that it is owned by the retarded government.. well that says it all.. how can you expect a better service from government enterprise, as government employees are basically lazy a s s h ol e s who will do some work only when given a bribe.. its hightime IRCTC site should be banned and all those involved in building the site should be arrested for fooling people and waiting their time

  22. Sahdev

    This IRCTC is already hanged to death. It gives me high blood pressure problem everytime i sit for booking a ticket. Worst site, bloody idiotic developers.

  23. RR

    after trying to load for 20 minutes and then coming up with the message service unavailable makes me want to punch through my monitor…

  24. abhinav

    they dont have more server thats why it becomes slow everytime…..specialy it belongs to govt of India….thats why it worst

  25. i hate indian railway

    this fucking indian railway shld be burned to the ground , and first of all the irctc the son of bitch has contract for catering and online ticketing in both the field it does the worst job motherfucker ,man i am seriously pissed at these fucking irctc ppl .

  26. Jagan Krishnaraj

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