This is How CPC ads should be

Today while browsing Business Standard, I clicked a link which was offering free book on Customer Management and CRM by Oracle, the link took me to a small form, I filled it it and got the book instantly (not to my email but instant download) and only then I realized that I had clicked on an advertisement!


I barely click on any ads as I don’t find them appealing, relevant (yes, including adsense) and interesting but this time, I did. If you see the ads, they look like relevant links to the story and not ads as they were below the story, had a one line description and were offering something instant to the clicker. I think this is the key to CPC (cost per click) campaign success, you have to offer something instantly, something which the user wants it.

Though unfortunately Oracle failed in keeping their part of promise, they had said they will give free ebook on how to know your customer better but they offered a 2.7 MB .exe file which was nothing but advertisement of Oracle CRM software, though they did manage to get my email and phone number with the form (I hope they don’t spam me now)

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