Stop Comparing your Startup with Other Startups

If you are running a startup, please stop comparing it with others. You will be doing great favour to yourself, will have less clutter in your head and certainly will make better decisions.

I have met way too many startup founders and I myself have been guilty of doing this. We compare the growth rate (which every one lies about anyway), how much money someone has raised (again people lies and you never know the terms anyway), how many people a startup has (judging growth of a startup by how many people they have is like judging the taste of cup of tea by just looking at it) and so on.

It is stupid to compare your startup, your product, your team and yourself with others since you will never know who others are. Building something because others are building, hiring someone because others are hiring, raising money because others are raising is extremely stupid. You build your startup the way you want it and let others build their startup the way they want it.

There will always be startups who is doing better than you, this is how business and life works. So stand aside, appreciate others but don’t judge your startup from others parameters.

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