Remember the old Javed Akhtar Ad of Rotomac Pen ?

I was searching for the full text and finally found it, one of the most deep and meaningful ad ever penned down

Zidagi Hai To Khwab Hain,
Khwab Hai To Manzilain Hain,

Manzilain Hai To Faasle Hain,
Faasle Hai To Raaste Hain,
Raaste Hai To Mushkilain Hain,
Mushkilain Hain To Hausla Hain,

Hausla Hai To Vishwas Hai,

Kyonki Fighter Hamesha Jeet-ta Hai.

3 thoughts on “Remember the old Javed Akhtar Ad of Rotomac Pen ?

  1. Milind P Dhotkar

    I lke this…I msearching for these lines since lat 15 years,,,also searching for video…try to find the same…Thanks alllotttttĀ  for uploading this message…

  2. Harish

    u will find it in rotomac website under advertisements tab.. Infact you can see all ads there..

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