My Engineering Experience and Education being a Huge Scam in India

My Engineering (I did it from IIIT Hyderabad) was a farce, I learnt nothing and consider my four years as total waste of my life considering I made only 2 close friends, was lost and confused all the time, was not enjoying how things were going and in 3rd year I wanted to drop out but didn’t had the courage to do it. Somehow I managed to finish my engineering and got my degree in Computer Science but it still hurt considering I lost the most valuable years of my life doing nothing.

The college was very nice with extremely smart students, highly qualified faculties, amazing staff and resources, it is just that I was not able to figure out what I want to do and how. Whatever I learnt, I learnt only from Internet and through library books which does give me some satisfaction that not everything was lost (I of course did found Internet in 2nd year which did changed my life for ever).

Indian Education System

My Experience often makes me think about Indian education (specially higher) system and how shambolic it is. Most of the people who are doing engineering and management doesn’t understand what they are doing and why they are doing, everyone is following someone else, everyone want to be someone else and everyone wants to live someone else’s life.

Indian education system was built to produce cogs (by British Raj) and hence it is devoid of free thinking and nothing much has changed after 65 years of freedom. Indian education system is still producing cogs just to fit in the system. Today Engineering degree costs 5 lakh, MBBS costs 8 lakh, Law costs 10 lakh and MBA costs 12 lakh (all approximations) which is total waste of money considering most of the people learn nothing of any value (other than Medicine) and can learn things by themselves in 1/3rd of the time at 1/10th of the cost.

This really frustrates me and angers me because it is OK if you don’t have money, the country lacks resources and you didn’t have privileged upbringing but it is NOT OK to not able to think and to be part of system which kills creativity, stops you from thinking out of the box and forces you to be just like others.

I have promised to myself that whenever possible, I will try to convince people to seriously reconsider their decisions of higher education in India as to me it looks like a huge business scam. If you have money, spend it on yourself, learn by yourself.

11 thoughts on “My Engineering Experience and Education being a Huge Scam in India

  1. Abhishek

    Yes u r absolutely right,even i have lost my 2 years in intermediate joning a private college,paying huge fees,and learning nothing,i feel knowledge is more important than all the grades,scores,marks.

  2. abhishek dangarikar

    Hi Pushkar,
    I second you. We all have been part and parcel of this system we know is useless. I’m a co-founder of an NGO which works on the education and this is one area which gets me thinking and excited! I’m sure you’ve read about Sir Ken Robinson who is working in that direction (in fact has devoted his life).
    My life plans, if I must say, is to have a school/ learning platform which provides equal importance to science, arts and humanities. I’ve been working on this and would like to understand your thoughts.

    Abhishek Dangarikar

  3. Pushkar Gaikwad

    Abhishek, sure, send me your thoughts, though I personally believes that opinions are meaningless and you are better of doing what you think is right but still if possible, I will surely try to give useful input

  4. sreeprasad naik

    Hello Pushkar,
    I am 20 years old,Really loved to read your post here.Have similar interests as yours but i have no direction in life whatsoever..Dropped out of engg a year ago..Should have done cs,Ended up with E&C seat..Lost interest after 2nd year..I feel i really connect with whats up there and would love to read more..Nice finding people like you here..I can say really learnt more through tv and internet than what college taught me..Only factor is will i get a job now 😛 🙂 Anyway..Its a pleasure meeting you..:) Take care.

  5. Pushkar Gaikwad

    Sreeprasad, don’t worry too much about job, you are still very young and will find your own way. The more I see around me, the people with fancy degrees are the ones who look to be most insecure and directionless, do not look at them as achievers, find your own path. Check out this video “What if money was no object by Alan Watts”


  6. sreeprasad naik

    Thanks man,Really appreciate it..
    Just feel the need to say this,Cant stop myself..Plz don’t mind..

    Most of my cousins and their spouse’s are in MNC’s(Infy,Tcs,bosch or somewhere in malaysia or dubai..i dont know what company with a 6 figure salary or some 10+ lakh p.a sumthing).. I was expected to follow them all the way there.. My family is just filled with intellectuals and academic performers..As u said,I am finding my path..

    Will keep coming here whenever possible..:)

  7. Rajesh singh

    bro same here had done be mech n doing job @chillar money..
    also i have no interest in mech field.
    also i feel m just cutting n wasting ma time @duty hour daily 12 hr…huhh
    i want to something new in it field.
    so what to do i m completely confuse…

  8. Noble Creed

    well i ended up doing mech engg which is no more than a job of thekedaar supervising labours. The quality of engg education is worse than that of B.Sc. Its all about how much you score in exam similar to schooling. I didn’t see any difference in schooling and engineering. Whole time the point was to score more than others ( specially relatives kids ) to hope and get placement. Indian education system is a big scam. We need 50k engg per year but are producing above 1 million engg.

  9. avaniseo

    For the all the engineering graduates!!!
    There is no reason to get disappointed, as there are various Software Engineering jobs available in every region of India! Not only Software, but all the engineering industries these days are blooming and thus the job opportunities are in great numbers!!

  10. L Radhakrishna Rao

    Problem starts from the house. Like you, even I am clueless, and went to this extent that had to burn 30lakhs for my masters. This, after working for 9 years, getting shortlisted for IIIT-BANGALORE, which I did not join, and even for S P Jain PGPM, I could not convert.

    The real issue with Indians, especially the parents is that they have no patience, have no idea about the education and outside world, but think that job is equivalent to life. Where as it is not. Indians actually have feudal mindset where everything is based around controlling, it starts from family, where we are tuned to do this only, instead of exploring. And, no, not the poor, but upper middle class Indians dwelling in urban cities with good family background behave like this.

    Agree that Indian democracy is just 65 year old, but, then, nothing much has changed. Still the elitist send their kids to ivy leagues for MBA, and still the same business model works. People hardly explore things like arts, literature, acting.

    Another problem with Indians, which stems from feudal attitude is lack of team work. It is always ‘I am superior, you are inferior’.

    Indian democracy is similar to french democracy under napolean bonaparte, where psuedo elites were ruling and controlling. And they hardly emerge as a dominant civilization in europe, in fact, france is considered a sick man in europe today. India is also heading towards destruction, and it can’t be fixed now, as people have perfected this system. Those who left out, they will suffer.

  11. L Radhakrishna Rao

    You are very young, and have made the right decision. Go, lead your life, and trust me, your father will be proud of you, one day.

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