My 2017 Review and Plans for 2018

It is been more than two and a half year since I updated this blog, so I thought to update this with annual last year review with plans for next year. Here are the older never edited posts of (20092010201120122013 and 2014, I didn’t make any post in 2015 and 2016).

Professionally it is been a really good year, AeroLeads is doing well and has crossed 24000+ users with few hundred paying customers including some big consulting and Indian companies. We should touch at least 1Million USD in 2018 with a team size of 30 with maintaining the same ratio of growth and numbers.

Things sometimes look slow due to various factors but as long as we are moving forward, we are fine. Businesses grow as step function and we are certainly at a much higher place where we were earlier. This year, we will build new productions too along with AeroLeads to complement the current business model and extend it further.

At a personal level, life is good (as always). As per a good friend, 2018 is an auspicious year to get married 😀 so that’s that. I have always lived below means (something which I strongly favor and believe in) but this year will upgrade lifestyle as it is long time overdue.

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