My 2014 Review and Plans for 2015

I am doing this since last 5 years now (2009, 20102011, 2012 & 2013), on every 31st of December I write a blog post reviewing the year, what I accomplished, the good and the bad that happened and what I will be doing next year with goals and plans.

I just came back after 5 day vacation from Goa spending 3 days at sunburn and the rest of time visiting various places in Goa. This was fun trip and a perfect ending for a year which has certainly shaped my life. I have certainly doubled my knowledge and have learnt and done more things then what I did in last 3 years. I also went on to build InBoundio which is my first web product as before this I was only doing services.

Personally I find myself to much more calm and present to what is happening around me, I have sorted out and got clarity on lot of things in personal life too.

For 2015, I just need to keep doing what I am doing with more force! So I will rock 2015 just like 2014, even harder 🙂 I am certainly on my way to build a big business so will keep working on in 2015. I will also spend more time on myself, my health and family, something which I had often ignored in the past. So to 2015 – Ready, Set and GO …

Pushkar Gaikwad Goa

(a snap of mine which my teammate took at Anjuna Beach)

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