My 2013 Review and Plans for 2014

I do this every year, on 31st of December I write a blog post summarizing the whole year and to write plans for next year. Here are my posts for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in case you are interested to follow my journey.

OK so I started the year on a bad note, 2012 was a disaster, I had a nightmarish experience with my startup workmonk, I made huge judgemental errors, couldn’t really understood the depth and my limitations and paid a heavy price for it. Though I don’t have any regrets, I had promised to myself that I will fix those mistakes in 2013 and will get back on track as I want to align everything in life. So I spent whole year focusing on learning rather than on buidling a business or making money. I have finished reading over 30+ books and have spent lot of time on improving my technical skill set, having better social and communication skills, working on my cognitive disorders and being a better decision maker etc. I do feel satisfied with the way I spent the year and its results and I will keep on working on these in the coming year too.

I have also built Inboundio, though the development is slow and is still in progress, I feels I am in right direction as I feel confident about it and I do have some users/paying customers for it. I will be making it more polished in coming months and do have some big plans with it, I am also offering inbound marketing services from tomorrow which will add another stream of revenue.

Unfortunately working alone from a single room do have its own set of problems, I am somewhat tired and lonely but luckily have one really close friend now in Bangalore so can hang out with him during weekends. I will be changing this way of working now and will again start interacting with old startup friends.

From tomorrow onwards (1st Jan 2014), after taking a break for one year, I will be again focussing on building a business and will get back to the way I used to work.

Wishing you a very happy new year to anyone who read the post till here. Cheers.

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