Lokpal Bill Debate – What exactly Government and Anna Hazare wants ?

My facebook wall is filled with Anna Hazare supporters (who on facebook is supporting government?) so I just did some search to find out what are the stance of both, government and Anna Hazare camp.

It will be impossible to get it passed in the current format but if both sides (specially government) can compromise, it can do wonders to reduce high level corruption in India. The good thing is, it seems this time, the common man is determined to make something happen. Lets hope it ends in best possible way for Indians.

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  • Aman jain

    govt. can compromise i can do what anna ji wants so high level of corruption in india redused and minister not do correption any more
    so i request to the congress early as possible pass the jan lokpal bill so our country repo will increse and give a good ex. to the other country also

    so jai hind jai bharat