List of VC firms and Angel Investors in India

Back in June 2011, I had made this list for my reference and thought to share with everyone. I am not giving the email ids for obvious reasons, you can always find the email ids/contact form from their sites anyway (or on linkedin), though if you are indeed serious about raising capital, I will highly advice you to contact the VC firms through some referral connection.

I have added few remarks in front of them, but do your own research. Feel free to drop me an email though, if you have something specific to ask. Please do note that this list is not complete in anyway, this is something which I had created for my own reference.

Feel free to add in the below wiki excel along with your remarks, please avoid removing content unless it is verbose or wrong.

Wiki Style List of VC firms and Angel Investors in India (publicly editable) – Feel free to add names/remarks to it

EDIT – I was hosting the excel file on editgrid but it got shutdown on 1st may 2014 and there was no email/alert so I have lost the excel file. But I have copied the list in text below.

Original list in case the above list is not accessible

Name of VC/Angel Group Remark
1 Indian Angels Network from 50 lakh to 10 crore, group of HNIs
2 Mumbai Angels upto 2 crore, group of HNIs
3 Seedfund upto 5 crore
4 Nirvana Ventures
5 Inventus Capital
6 India Innovation Fund
7 VenturEast
8 epiphany ventures
9 Tempes Capital
10 Hyderabad Angels very new angel group, group of HNIs
11 Accel Partners 2 crore to 10 crore
12 Sherpalo Ventures
13 Nexus India
14 India Vest
16 Global technology ventures
17 DFJ
18 Matrix Partners
19 Indo US Ventures
20 Cannan Partners
21 Chennai Angels very new angel group, group of HNIs
Major VC Firms
26 Light Speed
27 ClearStone
28 NVP
29 SAIF Partners
30 Ojas Venture Partners
31 Helion Ventures
32 IDG Venture India
33 BVP
34 Sequoia 1 Crore to lot of money
Niche Specific/Other VC/State Investors
35 Reliance Venture Fund
36 Qualcomm Ventures
37 Omnivore Capital Agri funds, useless for IT/Tech
38 Impact Investment Partners Social fund for healthcare
39 SIDBI Venture Government backed funds
40 Gujarat Venture Fund (GVFL)
41 Rajasthan Venture Fund (RVCF)
42 Karnataka Venture Fund (KITVEN)
43 Small Enterprise and assistance Fund (SEAF)
44 Brand Capital (Times Group)

You can also check Angellist India too which has lot of names of early stage investors.

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  • Chinmoy Mandal

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  • Pushkar Gaikwad

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  • RealEstateDealStreet

    Thanks a lot from team, but Bresmmer is not there whether it is PE firm?

  • anshuman upadhyay

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  • Hrsudha Aagna

    Dear Pushkar Gaikward,

    This information is very useful for my project and can you suggest me some of the expert’s contacts so that i can get a clear picture of my project or else can i have your mail id to contact you about VC and AI study..

  • Pushkar Gaikwad

    Hrsudha, you can find the email id’s from their respective sites or can contact them through linkedin, though you are better of finding some connection through network.

  • Hrsudha Aagna

    Thank you for your time concern and I went through those sites but mail id’s and contact details are not mentioned there, that’s why im asking you.. can you guide me with this ?…. Because it is the time to  get expert’s opinion to my project.. and As it is going to be helpful to the concern where im doing this project to start a new venture, so kindly help me to get things done.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • ravi teja

    Hi Pushar, i have a an idea which has a potential of Minimum 60 crores on average execution and a potential of minimum 250 crores on excellent execution. Its not just an idea, i have the complete business plan for it. I am looking to sell my idea to a potential buyer so that they execute it themselves. Can u suggest me the details of any companies or investors who usually buy ideas ? Thanks

  • Pushkar Gaikwad

    @disqus_03qDUsApPg:disqus – HI Ravi, sorry, I don’t know anyone who buys ideas. You probably are better of betting on yourself and building the business.

  • ravi teja

    Thanks for the info Pushakr. Your list is of great help

  • Rajiv Mukherjee

    Aagna you can connect at you will get mentors as well as investors. As well u will be able to create demonstrable assets b4 u pitch to investors

  • Deepak Rawat

    Name of firms which are venture capitals but not angel investors? sorry if it is a dumb question. kind of new at this.

  • Pushkar Gaikwad

    @disqus_z2RhL9IbBT:disqus – Every firm above is VC firm only, angel investor is just a term used loosely for small investments which don’t involve lot of formal paperwork.

  • Ajay Pal Singh

    Thats a wrong answer. Angels and VCs are very different.

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