IRCTC selling Air Tickets now ???

So now IRCTC has spread its wings and have decided to sell air tickets which is all nice and fine, but shouldn’t they be focusing on their rail site which doesn’t work 25% of the time ? On average, it takes me 3 attempt to book a ticket as IRCTC doesn’t even store the session, meaning if the transaction fails, you have to redo everything from selecting the destination city. IRCTC is still using old fashioned popups on their site when the whole world has moved to ajax some 8 years back.

I know IRCTC gets lot of traffic but then there are hundreds of other sites too which get more traffic then it and they work fine without breaking in every 10 minutes. So wouldn’t it be nice if they spend their “resources” on fixing the main site which is used by millions of people rather then building another mediocre site for air ticket booking which will be used by thousands at most!

So basically IRCTC is offering a poor version of something whose better version already exist in hope of people using it because they have the traffic. Well Good Luck to them.

By the way, IRCTC seriously need a forum where people can write there complaints online. A forum can be a great place to bring transparency in the way Indian Railways works and people can also share information with each other much faster.

One thought on “IRCTC selling Air Tickets now ???

  1. Vipin

    Have you tried the pricing on the flights on IRCTC site.

    I did!!!!

    Found them to be cheaper by over Rs 400 in my Del-kolkat flight. Not a bad job from any parameters.

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