In Pune Now – Bangalore vs Pune

Alright, so for the past 5 days I am in Pune, and will be spending couple of months (unless something really big happens, I may leave pune or permanently settle here), I am still exploring the city, but thanks to my search for better place, I am able to visit a big part of the city in such short time.

So here is my Bangalore vs Pune Review written on Lazy sunday morning

1. I was complaining about Poor Bangalore infrastructure, well, things are same for pune too. Too much litter everywhere.
2. Roads are much bigger in pune as compared to Bangalore.
3. Pune certainly seems to have less power cuts.
4. number of stray dogs/cows in pune can easily compete with bangalore (certainly not a good news for any of them)
5. hotels are certainly costlier in Pune as compared to Bangalore, probably because lot of people from mumbai comes to Pune.
6. Auto fare in Pune is Rs 11 and goes up by Rs 8 per KM as compared to bangalore where it starts from Rs 17 and goes up by Rs 9 per KM, though it doesn’t make much difference.
7. Space is a big problem
8. There is NO 10 months advance in pune but the rooms rents are certainly 20% costlier as compared to bangalore, again because of close proximity with mumbai I guess.
9. Food – well if you are a northie, you may get more north Indian dishes in Pune, the cost of food is same, infact may be little costlier as compared to bangalore.
10. Language – Everyone speaks Hindi in pune, though I don’t see this as a plus point, there are tons of north Indians in bangalore too.
11. Bangalore weather is far far better than as compared to Pune.

Both cities looked fine to me, if you can find some local help in bangalore (like friends living there for years), I think you may want to prefer that over Pune, at least I will 🙂

49 thoughts on “In Pune Now – Bangalore vs Pune

  1. Pushkar Gaikwad

    infrastructure of both city is bad, pune is slightly costlier specially rent. Bangalore has language problem for north Indians, food in pune is slightly better for northies. Overall I they both are same. Go with that city where you can get some local help as that is the most important thing. 

  2. Gaurav Khujneri

    Public transport is getting better day by day in Bangalore , metro (already started) will cover almost whole Bangalore in next 5 years .
    Volvo bus is a instant among the IT guys and running successfully since last 5 years .  Many flyovers and under pass are under construction.
    Route to electronic city is nonstop with  flyover of 10.5 kms , second IT company hub Whitefield is under a process of  getting signal less  .
    A nice non branded flat in prime area costs 33-35 L (1100 sqft , 2 BHK) . 
    Bangalore has got a professionalism of Mumbai and cool life of pune .
    All Kanadiga’s also speak Hindi  .
    Traffic  is a big pain . Autowalas are big time robber . food is not so great .

  3. Jitendra Vyas

    I came to Bangalore from Baroda, Gujarat in June 2011. It’s not a that amazing city as I heard and not that bad. 

    General considerations:Good Points are -Good Weather (though it’s not good for all for the people who has Asthma or Sinus)Lots of companies are here compare to other cities.South India Food is good and cheap.Bad Points are -Language Problem – In the building where I live all the staff only knows kannada. Most of the Autowala, Sabji Wala, Bus conductor and Small Shopkeepers Don’t know Hindi.Traffic rules are not being followed like Delhi.Pollution is here.Most of the Autowalas are greedy.Airport is too far. 10 Month Advance rent is too high.Good North Indian food not available in reasonable price.For me -No direct train or flight to my hometown Bikaner.Train journey via Jaipur is 50 Hours.Air Travel Via Jaipur is approx 18 Hours.

  4. Transparent Beta

    After staying all over India, I have felt that people in Bangalore (and in general in South India, Chennai does not consider itself part of India) are rather narrow minded and can not mingle with people from other parts of the country. They are not open minded and do not have the culture of being a gracious host.
    While these problems are everywhere, I have found in Bangalore, the problems of corruption and cheating are all pervasive, people don’t want to work but want to take money. It’s a dead city in a failed state. Weather is the only highpoint and thankfully it doesn’t depend on people.

  5. Deepak Gurejani

    the information you shared above is such a nice… thanks…!!! it really help’s people how are despairing to stay in good climate as well as control on expenses… and yeah… night life is much better in Pune compare to bangalore

  6. Madhubms5

    i am a kannadiga from bangalore why the fuck u north indians come to bangalore you people are giving trouble to our local people all the home rents and land rates are high because off u blady north indians and you come to bangalore and take our jobs so our people or struggleing here.  its time to bang northy fellows

  7. Arun

    I am from MH , but I feel Bangalore ( as well as KA) is much more on the progressive path then MH , Bangalore is much better then Pune by any means , especially if you are an IT guy  -In Pune you won’t find much hard core IT jobs – companies like Intel, AMD , EMC, Google, IBM Research are non existent in Pune . ( and if they are , they don’t do hard core job as compared to Bangalore – they do only Testing etc.. )

  8. Dutta Dude

    bangalore is big sheet,now pune is comming up like anything and will beat bangalire by 2015,thats experts opinion.

  9. Snehal

    I am from Gujarat, I have lived in  Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune each for more than 3 years.. and considering all the parameters, Bangalore is the BEST.. and will remain the BEST.. language problem etc, are BS reasons, just see how any of these 3 city has transformed in past 5 years to make the residents’ life better, and then compare, certainly Bangalore is miles ahead of both Mumbai , Pune.

  10. Dataapress

    no ways .mumbai or pune can only be best . and seriously language is a big problem in bangalore .and u feel so lonely .

  11. Bhavin

    I hail from GUJ and have been around all of india to the likes of Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and in Bangalore since 13 years. The only appreciable stuff in Bangalore is its weather which (thankfully) is not controlled by the language psyched conservative narrow minded crowd here. The only two most people-friendly states you would find in India are GUJARAT and MAHARASHTRA. People in these states are so open minded. And to some extent Delhi as well. Rest is BS.

    Night life – Used to be great in bangalore until the 11 pm deadline came into existence and now we hardly have any good discos left out. There are some good pubs present although. The cops in bangalore is all out to trouble every single vehicle plying on the road after 11 pm. I’ve personally experienced this and have went ahead and complained to the traffic police commissioner. Cops are a nuisance in Bangalore.

    Outings – Bangalore is hopelessly dry. Absolutely no great places to go around during weekends except the amusement parks like wonderla and innovative film city. The only culture that prevails in bangalore is the MALL effect which all look the same. Look at Pune – lonavala, khandala, mahabaleshwar, matheran, Shriwardhan.. u name it. Bangalore weekend life is nothing more than malls, a drink and watching television (how dumb that is.!!). Most of us tend to ignore the importance of living a quality life even in weekends coz we are so dazzled with the mall culture that it doesn’t let us think twice.

    Food – Bangalore does offer a variety of food but it is always some or the other variation of rice/rice flour. North indian food is damn damn costly. Nothing less than 250 to 300 rs. lunch. Some IIM alumni’s have opted to start their own business in Bangalore providing a combo of 6 puri + aloo subji + 2 pakoda’s for a whooping 125 rs. Imagine the cost of same food in Pune/Mumbai/Gujarat now. A single vada-pav is 20-25 rupees in bangalore. How cheap do you get that in Pune??

    Fuel – bangalore has the highest fuel rates in india. 75 rs/litre as on 15th April 2013.

    Weather – Guys talking about good weather in bangalore, must be kidding. The mercury is touching 37 in bangalore. No signs of rainfall since so many years. Its scanty. Most of the areas in bangalore like Marathahalli, Sarjapur road, bellandur, Kalyan nagar, banaswadi… are all surviving on water tankers. There is absolutely no facility for water. The city is expanding like wild fire. Pune weather might be seeing a heat wave but rainfall hasn’t been too much of a problem in Pune.

    Property rates – Bangalore tops here again in being insanely expensive. 2 bhk flats of a std. size (say, a super built-up of 1100 sq. ft having 75% carpet area) starts from 45-50 lacs. Pune isn’t too far as well but bangalore is seeing unplanned expansion leading to water problems, traffic woes etc. Builders are fooling the IT crowd. There are many 2 bhk being sold for a whopping 1-2 cr.

    Professional culture – I actually want all of the people here praising bangalore for professionalism to work for some of the IT companies (IM me to know the names). People get so carried away with the local lingo that they talk in local language in high profile team meetings – and these are not Indian IT companies, these are renowned MNC’s.

    Proximity – Usually people from North find it very hard to commute to home town. Social life does matter and we definitely want to be with family during festival or celebrations. Not everyone of us can afford to take a flight everytime. The rail connectivity from bangalore is so pathetic that there is only a single track from Bangalore to Mumbai. There is no super fast train available to Mumbai and beyond.

    Public transport – Probably this is the only USP bangalore has after Delhi, mumbai and Ahmedabad. The transport buses are neat and clean with high frequencies.

    All in all, Bangalore is just about looting money – I’ve heard auto fellows telling me, sir, if i have to come till your building it will be 20 rs. extra, u r in IT, 10-20 rs is not a problem. What a BS mindset, do i earn for him or myself? – everyone from autofellows, cops, builders, water mafia’s (oh yes, there are in bangalore), sabjiwala’s etc etc are interesting in minting money just coz there is an illusion that IT folks get easy money. Even Pune can be the same, i don’t deny, but when these things come combined as a package with language differences, cultural shift and a social life restricted to malls, Bangalore will (only and) always remain popular just as an IT corridor with conservative people.

    There is life beyond IT. Come on, you gotta accept that. And you see that life in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi.. The crowd there actually rocks. Especially Mumbai and Pune.

  12. Kiran

    I do not agree to the above, I am a Bangalorean staying in pune and working for an IT company. Here my team mates speak only in marati or hindi and don’t care to use English. When I was working in Bangalore we always used English.
    Pune is probally worst city with its dry weather and everyone wearing burkha like thing. Transportation is pune is worst. For South Indians, its a heck of a ride as most of common men can’t speak and converse in english. The attitude of Pune people pisses everyone off! I have been to Ahemedabad and yeah, agree that it is a nice and friendly city.

  13. Kiran

    I dont know what to comment on your comment 😛
    Please correct the spellings! Not much people in Pune are good in English

  14. Kiran

    I have stayed in both cities. Here is my vote,

    Public Transport – Bangalore
    People and Language – Bangalore (Multilingual, People speak English)
    Greenery – Tie
    Night Life – Pune
    Good Attitude – Bangalore
    Opportunities – Bangalore
    Good Driving – Bangalore (In pune, people drive as if they are racing, hardly anyone follow rules)
    Food – Bangalore (range of middle class hotels from South to North Indian, In Pune, you either have to eat on road side or in a expensive place, there is no concept of medium class hotels)
    Weekend Life – Bangalore (You have connectivity to places like Mysore, Nagarahole, etc. In pune you need your own vehicle)
    Crowd – Bangalore (Mature crowd)
    Political will – Tie
    Roads – Pune (Has good roads)
    Weather – Bangalore (Pune has good weather too except that is hot in summer and dry)

    My only request for Pune is to improve transport system and for people to drive slowly and not to race! Please be good to others who have come to work in your city.

    I would like to make a point here, Guys, yeah, for me, English does matter, I grew up in south and is not fluent in conversant Hindi. Bangalore is not Hindi speaking region, but still you can survive with any language there. Please stop about fight on language. We south Indians have huge love towards our languages. Each are atleast 2000 years old than Hindi.

    In fact being Indian you should be proud of our languages,
    Tamil – One of the oldest in world (around 1800 BC)
    Kannada – Best and evolved script, basic syllable map for most of Indian languages (around 320 BC)
    Telugu – Italian of east (Spoken by most people in south, script derived from Kannada) (120 BC)
    Malayalam – Developed script for Tamil alphabets

    Please dont force hindi on us. I do not have anything against Hindi. I can read and write it. Hindi should not decide the culture of city.

  15. Bhavin

    Kiran, local language always has an upper edge in all cities, either bangalore or pune. Team mates might speak local language and you can’t oppose that. You might feel odd man out but you never speak local language in corporate meetings, do you?? IT HAPPENS IN YOUR BANGALORE. You say Pune is dry? You must be kidding, people will laugh out at you if you say this. Bangalore has scanty rainfall, water woes in all the areas except JP Nagar, Jayanagar, BTM Layout and Banashankari.. i.e. south bangalore. Even kannadigas cant talk in English Kiran sir. I’ll tell you my today’s experience – I had been to send a courier to Professional courier and DTDC here at Sarjapur road to send a courier to Delhi. They clearly denied saying, we will not send it to north.!! Isn’t this s**t? People in south consider themselves a different breed especially from TN. They don’t consider themselves belonging to india infact.

    It is your problem if you do not agree on my experiences.! Hope you get like minded people in Pune, or you come back to Bangalore.!

  16. jai singh

    sir ,
    i am from jaipur, and wants to take admission in mca(master in computer appl. )

    but i am confused between pune& bangalore .please help me ……….(and also tell me the IT sector in pune).

  17. Pushkar Gaikwad

    @jai – I have limited knowledge about education in pune but I thnk Pune and Bangalore, both are fine. Do note that both are costly cities in terms of cost of living, Bangalore probably has more entry level jobs though

  18. Sandeep Dhawan

    I am from Delhi and stayed in both Bangalore and Pune for almost 2 years. Here is my opinion

    Public Transport – Bangalore
    Language – Pune. Everyone understands Hindi and English
    Greenery – Delhi first, Bangalore second
    Night Life – Bangalore only
    Friendly attitude – Pune. Bangalore locals are rude and racist.
    Opportunities in IT – Bangalore
    Driving sense – Bangalore and Chennai are the worst places.
    Food – Bangalore
    Outing and excursions – Bangalore
    Shopping – Bangalore
    Show off – Bangalore and Delhi
    Roads – Karnataka highways are far better than Bangalore local roads. Pune is better
    Weather – Bangalore comes first followed by Pune
    Infrastructure – I only vouch for Delhi, Noida, Navi Mumbai and Greater Hyd. Bangalore has poor infrastructure

  19. Rahul Desai

    Hello Pushkar, That’s useful compilation. I agree with you – give or take, both the cities are similar in many ways. However, given a choice, Bangalore is a preferred destination over Pune. For that matter, my preferred city still remains Pune – just that the odds can not be ignored. I’ve jotted some of my points here: http:\rahuld.esPNQvsBLR. Do drop by!

  20. Bengaluruuuu

    WTF, don’t you see Burkha in Bangalore? There’s lot of Burkha ppl way more in Bangalore than in Pune.You must be goddamn blind.

  21. Bengaluruuuuu

    Dude Whitefield and E.City, both are pathetic, in terms of living.Whitefield specially, those ugly MF’s who bought apartments there @30 Lakh rent out to 30K p.m.!!!WTF, specially in an area where there’s absolutely nothing, no bloody infrastructure and a whole lot of dirt/dust.Nearest decent market is some 2-3 kms(not malls plz, anymore). And in E.City water is a major crisis, with more n more freshers hired by Infy and other cos, the place has become garbage.All Kannadiga’s don’t really spk Hindi/English, sometimes they don’t even want to.You can see that in Volvo-bus conductors sometimes say stuff@you in Kannadiga, if you don’t have change or something.You get the feeling they are cursing you.Plus they say this is South India, learn Kannada! WTF! aren’t you part of India?
    Still such discrimination after 66 yrs of Independence and please your pathetic love for all things FOREIGN! Get the fuck out of India and lick some white asses in some PHOREN country please.

  22. BRS

    I have lived both in Pune and Bangalore and here at some points I would like to differ.
    1. Roads and infrastructure is much better in Bangalore than Pune.
    2. Bangalore is definitely more expensive than Pune in all respect house rent, food, hotels, vegetable, etc. Infect Bangalore is considered as one of the most expensive city in India and Pune does not belong to it. As per my experience only I found Mumbai more expensive than Bangalore, Delhi is manageable.
    3. Food is definitely much better in Pune. In Bangalore both the North & South India foods are screwed up. Infect people have no food sense in Bangalore. Restaurants are expensive but food is just ok. South Indian food is more screwed up. Believe in North India we have better South Indian food than Bangalore.

  23. BRS

    Its a joke to here that language is a big problem in Bangalore. Heard for the first time in my 10 years of stay in Bangalore. Mumbai is good if you have money otherwise its just a shit to live there, hot, traffic, expensive, water logging all problems are there. Pune is little bit better but consider all aspects I think Bangalore is much better than Pune.

  24. BRS

    Yes local language has upper edge in all the cities and will be like than. But in Pune its hopeless. People even speak in Marathi in team meetings. Bangalore is much better.

  25. Aarvi

    Hey Guys !
    I grew up in Pune, and I now live in Bangalore. Both cities have their plus and minus points. However, the way we approach those is what makes our stay worthwhile. The language , food and culture of our home towns cannot be replicated in other cities, so we should stop expecting that to happen. If you are here to study or work, then the quality of work and study should ideally be the focus. If cost of living is a deterrent, then its time to look for other options. Of course Bangalore weather is just awesome, and one of the biggest reasons to stay here.

  26. Sumeet Kale

    Come on guys, what the heck do you find night life in Pune? Bangalore is known
    as the Pub capital of India, IT capital of India, Silicon Valley of India, garden city of India, is known to have the highest number of Churches, and the list goes on. The city stands 9th amongst the top ten preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world. According to the United Nation’s Human Development Report – 2000 Bangalore stands fourth among the leading ‘Global Hub of Technological Innovation’. Business Week has placed Bangalore among the ‘Global Hot Spots’ of the 21st Century. In year 1998 News Week magazine has ranked Bangalore among the world’s ‘Hottest Tech Cities’.

    I am a Maratha, from Belgaum,
    on the border of Karnataka. I’ve lived in Bangalore and Pune, 2 years each.

    I was looking at the rates in Bangalore today. I was shocked to see that the rates at Bangalore are almost at the same rate as Pune! I am really wondering why that is. I mean is Bangalore under-valued or is Pune hyped and over-valued?

    In terms of comparison from an IT guy’s point of view, Bangalore rules hands
    Huge number of IT jobs
    Huge number of IT companies
    Great hi-tech industry (not software services)
    Good infrastructure when compared to Pune (outer ring road, inner ring, etc.)
    Proximity to Bangalore international airport
    Cosmopolitan crowd
    Good weather

    In comparison, Pune seems like a poorly developed city. The only thing it has
    working for it is proximity to Mumbai but other than that there is nothing
    special about Pune.

    So my question is that why are the real estate rates in Pune comparable to that
    in Bangalore? Shouldn’t Pune be at a discount given the smaller size, smaller
    GDP, smaller growth prospects, etc. etc.?
    I am not asking in terms of local demand supply but on a national level…

    I agree Bangalore is not
    much of a Hindi speaking region, but still you can survive with any language
    there. Please stop about fight on language. We south Indians have huge love
    towards our languages. Each are at least 2000 years old than Hindi. In fact everyone
    should be proud of our languages.

    Tamil – has the most ancient non-Sanskritised Indian literature. 300 BC

    Kannada -The Ashoka rock edict found at Brahmagiri (dated to 230 BC) has been suggested to contain words in identifiable. Best and evolved script, basic syllable map for most of Indian languages

    Telugu – 1500 BC

    Malayalam – The earliest known poem in Malayalam, dated to 12th century A.D., was completed before the introduction of the Sanskrit alphabet.

    Please don’t force Hindi/Language as the main center of discussion. We do not have anything against Hindi. I can read/write/speak it. Hindi should not decide the culture of city.

  27. Krish

    The South Indian culture is very different from the rest of India that sometime it feels they are from a different country. The people from the South have a tendency to escape to a foreign land as soon as they can to have a better material life, and a very few of them return back to India. I find them to be extremely materialistic people even though they give the impression of simplicity in terms of clothing, outward behavior etc. People from one Southern state (I don’t want to name it) are very closed-minded and don’t bother to mix up even with other fellow South Indians. Having said all these bad things of the South, I still think that Bangalore is best place in South India where I can be more comfortable in terms of language and food. Job is not the only think in our life, we have a personal life outside office hours as well.

    Why is there a culture difference within India ??? Why can’t we all have a single language and a single celebration that can bring every Indian close ? Look at China. Even though they have a lot of problems, all Chinese people can speak and understand at least one common language, and they ALL have a single common celebration called the Chinese New Year. Look at ourselves. People from different states of India have different languages, different celebrations (at least different rituals), different attitudes etc. and we have to use the bloody English language to communicate with each other. I hate it when two Indians speak in English at a personal level. We should be ashamed that we are using a language that is not ours, but borrowed from the bloody British who exploited India to the point of hell.
    Until we Indians have a common language and a common celebration, the dream of united India will never materialize.

    My 0.2 cents.

  28. Akash Jaiswal

    Hindi ke bare me kuch mt bol gandu….hindi is our national north indians ko complain sirf is baat ki hey ki jb tm koi discuss krte he tm logo se se to 90% ya to reply nhi krtr ya jante hue bhi local language me reply karenge…aab hm kya samjhe …n attitude to esa dikhate hein jaise hm logo ne hindi bol kr koi crime kr diya hi itna sada face bana lete hein….

    “n 2nd thing is dat tmhara jo culture hena beta us ki jaise hm north indians respect krte hein baise aap log bhi thodi respect karoge na to we north indians n u south indians are only called INDIANS…”

    Aur beta kale pune me bhi 3yrs rehke aaya huin ..i luv this i hate there some locals like “u” bcoz ppl like u think tht they r the king of the city n d outsiders are d slaves….i swear ..i really experienced dis thing in pune…outsiders always feel littel bit insecure in pune bcoz of language prob.

    Language problem really a big prob. For outsiders..yr bhai hm log isi country ke hein pakistan ke nhi jo bilkul bhi north indians ko apna pann nhi lgne dete ho…

    N yh jo aap south indians ki languages kitni bhi purani ho bt apn sab 21st century me he iske piche aur logo ko q taklif dena
    aaj ki generation ka north indian admi sikhe ya aap log chahte ho pehele bo apki city me ane ke liye apki local language sikhe…isse easy to visa aply krna hey…

    N 1thng is vry imprtnt..itna hi proud he apni local language pe to yh baat central me rakho jake to kam se kam north ke state me jo schools hein usme apke language ka period to lagega to sab sikh to payenge …

    Isme hm north indians ki koi galti nhi hey ki hme ap logo ki languages nhi aati …bt plzz respect for all languages not only ur local language…

    Sry agr kisi ko hurt hua ho…

  29. India

    Yeah .. you’re telling like people from B’lore speaks fluent Hindi..He has done some mistakes in English but look at you people first, Learn Hindi..

  30. Prathamesh

    I agree on all points except two, FOOD and WEEKEND LIFE, Pune is better in both the case!
    And also consider following points,
    1. Electricity.
    2. Water Supply.
    3. Cost of Living.

  31. Sam

    total bullshit… who said prices of flats are more in bangalore? In pune, the price of 2 bhk 1k sq ft is avg>60Lacs and that too no food/hotel/taxi/auto/bus/sabjiwala.. u get all those things in bangalore in an area like whitefield costing just 38-40 Lacs.

  32. Shivam

    The 90& of People in Bangalore dont know Hindi and who are you to say pune as worst City atleast people hear are friendly with Hindi.
    Im in bangalore for past 2yrs i m getting too much problem to communicate with rikshawalas, bus Conductors etc.

    You are saying team mates speak only in MARATHI and HINDI so why you have a problem
    if you dont know HINDI or MARATHI that’s your problem.
    And if you dont like Pune Then dont stay hear any more.

  33. Wilson

    I don’t think so. One good thing about Mumbai and Pune is Shiv Sena and MNS. In Bangalore there is noting like that. And Bangaloreans are very friendly than Mumbai or Puneites,

  34. Wilson

    don’t think so. One bad thing about Mumbai and Pune is Shiv Sena and MNS. In Bangalore there is noting like that. And Bangaloreans are very friendly than Mumbai or Puneites,

  35. Wilson

    What about Shit Sena(Shiv Sena) and MNS(I don’t even want to say M is)? They have spoiled broad minded culture of Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai was best before 1966

  36. Shivam

    You are Non-Maharashtrain so u hate them i dont have any Problems with MNS or Shivsena.

    And as compared to Bangalore both cities (Mumbai-Pune) are 200 times better. to live.

    It is beacuse of the fuck*ng language problem in Bangalore 100 out of 90% people don’t know Hindi as it is National language of India.

    But there is no language problem All over the Mumbai and the Pune city.

  37. shailendra Tendulkar


  38. Gaurav Bhavsar

    I am from Maharashtra spend days in Mumbai, Nasik, Pune etc and now from last 5 yeras I am in Bangalore. I think Bangalore is much much better city than Pune, Mumbai etc in terms of living.

  39. Ahaan Tagare

    i see all bangalore fanboys in the comment section who are completely ignoring that the traffic in bangalore is the worst in the world

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