Futurebazaar SMS and email Spam

On some dreadful not so perfect day, I create my profile on futurebazaar, I never purchased anything but apparently filled my correct mobile number and from then onwards, FB (not facebook, futurebazaar) is sending me spam sms and emails as generously as laxman siviramakrishnan (sp?) says “karbon kamal catch” or “citi moment of success”

so I checked my FB account and tried to disable both the services

the problem is, even you OFF the services, there is no save option and it doesn’t save the details automatically which means your settings by default, will always be ON! This is something which justdial was doing something back when the unsubscribe link in their spam messages was leading to 404 page not found! Anyway I am still trying to figure it out what to do before I complaint to Airtel

Edit – as per Internet, you have to send “DEALZ NO” on to 575758 to unsubscribe for the promotion (spam) SMS from futurebazaar

4 thoughts on “Futurebazaar SMS and email Spam

  1. Sahil

    Thanks for bringing this cheat in to the public. I would like to add here for those who do not wish to spend Rs 3 for the SMS. Here is the hack to save this settings.
    1. Login and click “My Account”
    2. Click “My Subscriptions”. The page should be as displayed by the author here.
    3. Turn “Off” the unnecessary subscriptions.
    4. Enter non-existing Email ID (e.g. test@nomail.com or abc@xyz.com) into “Add new account” pane right besides the subscription. Label asks to enter either mobile number or email ID. Enter dummy values here.
    5. Click the “Add a New Account” button.
    6. Bingo…. your subscription is updated.
    Cracking the crackers……


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