Concept of Net Entropy and Life – My Thoughts

I wanted to write this blog post since a long time back and finally got time to finish it. I often think about this and strongly believes in what I am writing (and many posts in future will be linking back to this)

Entropy of your Life should always increase. Also you should always look to improve the net entropy of the universe.

What is Entropy – As per the laws of universe and thermodynamics, entropy is the randomness in the universe. And as per the fundamental laws of physics, the entropy of the universe will always increase.

What is Entropy of Life and your Universe – Everything that is happening around you, all the good things, all the bad things, your actions, others action affecting you, is entropy of your universe. Now you can either reduce it with negativity, taking selfish decisions, getting wrong priorities in life etc or you can increase the entropy of the universe by doing things which benefit everyone, having a positive outlook towards life and people around you, doing things which makes you happy, feeding the right wolf, getting things aligned in life, getting the timing of life right etc.

Do think about it and try to increase entropy of your life and universe.

I have also decided to write at least one blog post every week since I like writing and have 81 posts as draft which I should be publishing in coming months. My blog also act as a vent to release all the thoughts and energy as well as it helps to get rid of negativity and loneliness around me.


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