Amazing Unpluggd 3 – Review

I wanted to write a big long post about how Awesome Pluggd 3 was but due to time constrains, will stick to only writing few lines. Pluggd 3 turn out to be a great event personally considering I met over 30+ people and it looks like I am going to have some serious long term relationship with most of them. I hope the next unpluggd 4 also happens in 2011 only.

Here is a quick review good vs bad of Unpluggd 3


* Great people, great audience, great hosts.
* Great for networking, this time, plenty of time was given for networking and there was good space to meet people one after one
* This time, I stayed till the end (since I knew half of the startup companies showcasing already so wanted to see their way of giving presentation + met some really good ppl too even when presentations were going on)
* food, though not as good as in unpluggd 1 and unpluggd 2, was good enough.
* Goodies, yay, T-shirt + pen drive was itself over Rs 650. Ashish certainly knows how to Roll!

Bad (not that bad actually…)

There were no Bad’s really, just two minor problems,
* It was not easy to find that place, luckily I left early and found it with relative comfort but there were many who couldn’t found it that easily, specially people coming from outside. But we made that up by starting late.
* I felt the hall was little small (the hall for unpluggd 2 was too big, but the honeywell office for unpluggd 1 was perfect, I hope we again book that for next unpluggd) as many were standing at the end (including me)

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