2011 Year Review for me

My 2009 Review Post on 31st Dec 2009
My 2010 Review Post on 31st Dec 2010

Alright, so 2011 is also about to end in next 4 hours and as all the news channls and everyone else do, here is my last blog post of the year reviewing what happened in 2011 and what I will do in 2012.

If I look at the post that I made on 31st Dec 2010, I had ended it with this

I have no intention of putting any bucket list for 2011, no need for making any resolutions, I made my own “live, work, plan, enjoy, think for today and tomorrow only” formula, it has worked really well till now and I will keep on betting on it.

still here is a review of what happened in 2011

1. I Finally took the plunge and Started WorkMonk. Now I will work on it day and night to make a Billion dollar company in next 5 years.
2. Joining TheMorpheus was also a big thing as I have met some of the most amazing people with very different personalities and outlook towards things and life.
3. Financially I did alright, I have almost stopped thinking about personal wealth now.
4. In terms of health, I am doing alright too.

Overall a satisfactory year minus some personal/family problems.

The way 2011 has shaped up, 2012 will certainly be make it or break it year for me. My life is on an inflection point and if things go as per the plan, 31st 2012 will be an amazing day for me to write the review for the year.

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